Europe must find the Courage to Manage its own Affairs

In International by Critical Eye

Is it time the UK and the rest of Europe came to a mutual agreement to work together in their own interests? It’s a question I have often wondered about.

The war in the Ukraine, essentially a ‘buffer state’ with neighbouring Russia, and currently at a ceasefire, has been fought over by Russia and the United States. In the case of the latter, this offers a strategic position that it has no business of claiming in this part of the world.

What amounts to a US military build up in the area and with a war fought by proxy, it isn’t hard to imagine the fall-out from Russia doing the same on its border, in Mexico or Canada for instance.

The Project for a New American century (PNAC), a neo-conservative think tank with links to the White House and established in 1997, outlined plans for ‘total global military domination’. This outlandish and sinister proposition had various states on its hit-list, namely Iraq, North Korea and Iran, and came into effect following 9/11 as a realistic option.

Many are barely aware of the imminent dangers posed by their actions. ‘State controlled’ media serve up a continuous flow of distractions, with much of the general public seduced by propaganda, banal TV shows, and other fodder, while they continue their escapades unheeded, and in our name.

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