The Covert Censorship of the New World Order

In Conspiracy Central by Critical Eye

‘Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence’ – Leonardo da Vinci

On the 28th June 2001 on his radio show ‘Hour of the Time’ the former Naval Intelligence officer, writer, conspiracy theorist and radio broadcaster Milton William ‘Bill’ Cooper made the prediction of a cataclysm that would be created by The New World Order, with thousands of lives lost. Listen to it here.

He spoke articulately with searing conviction about the intentions of the global elite, describing in detail how this would manifest, pointing to the fact that Osama bin Laden had apparently been elusive for years, despite the CIA and other organizations pooling all their resources together to find him, and yet a CNN reporter and his camera crew were able to gain access to bin Laden to conduct a full interview. This he said proves there was no intention of capturing him as bin Laden himself was a CIA operative.

He then predicted that a disaster would soon follow and that bin Laden would be blamed, and urged his listeners…‘DO NOT BELIEVE IT!’

The rest of course is history. On the morning of 9th September 2001 two passenger jets slammed into the World Trade Centre’s North and South towers, another hit the Pentagon, and one more crashed in Pennsylvania.

Osama bin Laden was duly made public enemy No. 1 and the search was apparently on to capture him and bring him to justice. It would be another ten years before he was caught and killed and then quickly buried at sea, which of itself was cloaked in mystery given the apparent nature and haste of his burial. And if exiled former CIA employee Edward Snowden is to be believed, bin Laden is actually alive and well and living in the Bahamas with his family and receiving a substantial yearly allowance from the CIA.

Cooper would later lament the actions of Bill Clinton’s administration and the IRS, who he believed were now pursuing him for tax evasion, despite always paying what he owed, and rather, was a convenient frame-up to silence him. He later publicly warned that he would not be taken alive if they were to show up at his home.

Bill Cooper was killed in a shoot-out on 11th Nov 2001 when Apache County sheriff’s deputies tried to arrest him at his home in Arizona. An officer was also killed.

Cooper of course had many detractors for his seemingly outlandish claims, particularly in his book ‘Behold and Pale Horse’, with the idea that AIDS was an ‘invention’ of the New World Order to reduce the world population of blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals, with a cure already developed prior to releasing it into the world. However, the glaring accuracy of these chain of events could not fail to escape the notice of any reasonable thinking individual to at least consider it a possibility that this was an orchestrated disaster with thousands of lives sacrificed to ensure their future plans come to fruition. The Iraq War of course, soon followed. Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad famously said as much before the United Nations in 2010 when he declared that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’.

9/11 may be just one example of the unhinged and boundless schemes developed by the ruling elite to maintain control of the general public at large, and the death of Bill Cooper and many others perhaps demonstrates the lengths they will go to exterminate all those that attempt to warn us about their insidious threat.