secret moon base

What are NASA not Telling us about the Moon?

In Conspiracy Central by Critical Eye

An amusing definition for NASA’s acronym I came across was that it stood for, ‘Never A Straight Answer’ which raised a wry smile I have to admit.

NASA has been gaining a reputation for secrecy for some time now, i.e. cutting live video feeds when anything unusual comes into view, air brushing images of space and other lunar objects, and remaining tight-lipped when challenged to reveal what they really know, allegedly all in an effort to maintain the illusion that there is nothing to see beyond what they tell us on the evening news.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that there have been private, highly classified space programmes in operation for many years as has been suggested, that we the general public are not privy to?

Most of us are either completely brainwashed to refute all the information presented to us out of hand, or alternatively perhaps conspiracy theories have now reached such a saturation point that we now look for evidence where it does not really exist at all to satisfy this boundless curiosity.

Whatever the truth is, please take the time to peruse this brief snippet of information concerning the moon and the strange structures that have apparently been spotted there, and in addition the disclosure by Dr. Eric Norton who has worked as a consultant for the National Security Agency (NSA) and NASA for about 12 years, and you be the judge..!


moon images tower

A huge mega-structure spotted on the lunar surface, providing fuel for moon conspiracy theorists


Moon base image

Curious designs keep cropping up in photographs that mysteriously disappear when in NASA’s hands



moon base

A close-up of a building, as if man-made, could this be a moon base?

A satellite on the moon.

A giant construction towers thousands of miles above the moon’s surface, which suspiciously resembles a satellite dish.