Has the General Public Finally Out-Sheeped the Sheep?

In Conspiracy Central by Critical Eye

Zbigniew Brezinski, one-time foreign policy advisor to Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, and author of ‘The Grand Chessboard’, once commented, “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news”. With his credentials you would think Brezinski would be more adept than most in the art of public manipulation and propaganda.

In the Middle Ages to suggest the Earth was anything other than flat would illicit a far harsher response of course, putting the deviant at risk of mortal wounding and persecution for failing to toe the line. Now, judging by the comments on social media and internet forums these days, throwing rocks at the merest suggestion of an alternative point of view has become the norm.

Such trolls demand concrete evidence for any new theory, and close their minds and ears, as oppose to utilising their own judgement and reasoning ability in considering the validity of any new concept. Far easier for them to stand on the periphery and attempt to dismantle any theory that threatens their beliefs and hastily distance themselves from any possible ridicule, as the brave pioneers of the past have lived through.

If new evidence did come to light of earth-shattering proportions, thereby ushering a new paradigm contrary to current belief systems that we hold and take for granted, those same individuals would no doubt hurriedly fall into line with the now majority of the populace in this new world view, while maintaining that they knew it all along.

The public are now drip-fed a daily dose of largely edited and acceptable versions of reality by the government and media, who then attempt to conceal or discard the rest. Anyone diverting from this narrative is marginalised or deemed a ‘crackpot’ for even suggesting otherwise. Moreover, many of us subconsciously seek validation from family and friends about what we think and feel, and whether this is ‘ok’, regardless of the merits of that belief, as long as it is held by the majority.

Is there actually firm proof of any of the beliefs we widely accept as fact? Many of today’s established concepts we have accepted essentially via a carefully orchestrated system of indoctrination  and programming by authority figures. Take global warming, of which there is a sizeable community of scientists in complete opposition at whether this phenomena truly exists at all, with some who even go as far as to argue that this is no more than a politically motivated scam, and are clambering to be heard. Which presumably would suggest there is no more proof of global warming than the more seemingly outlandish theories out there in the public domain. That the former has appeared on all the mainstream media networks for decades is practically all that separates them, which appears to reinforce Brezinki’s statement, and that maybe humankind has finally out-sheeped the sheep.