Donald Trump: Sworn Enemy of the Global Elite

In International by Critical Eye

The US presidential election has been a brutal and bloody battle of words, with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump crossing swords and the bitterness that ensued, the like of which we have not seen in any presidential race before it.

The CNN news channel, humorously coined the Clinton News Network by one commentator had been leaning heavily in favour of a Hilary Clinton victory for the Democrats, and have lauded praise on the presidential hopeful with it’s shamelessly biased reporting, as has the majority of the media throughout her campaign. Conveniently ignoring negative press, such as the email controversy that threatened to derail her campaign.

Meanwhile, Billionaire Donald Trump for the Republican Party remains a divisive figure, painted as a male chauvinist, a racist, and a rebel, who has promised to expose the underbelly of the corruption in Washington and the truth about 9/11, concealed from the public by a powerful and privileged few.

Well, the American public have now spoken, unequivocally demanding the radical change that Trump has promised to provide to working people, the economy, on immigration, ObamaCare and tackling crime, to name a few. Despite her long service and undeniable credentials, Hilary Clinton, and many within the political class, will be left wondering how Trump managed to get the better of her, with now a running total of two failed election campaigns behind her.

The future is uncertain, and with this Brexit style revolution taking place, this is further evidence that the world is now a very different place than perhaps any of us could have imagined.