2016: An Era of Great Transition

In International by Critical Eye

The year 2016 will likely be remembered as an era of great transition, and the enormity of what has taken place within politics will be felt for many years to come.

What the implications of these changes will bring in real terms is yet uncertain, but one can’t help feeling that the old guard are now being toppled one by one. Just how could all these experts, polls and pundits get it so catastrophically wrong? Again and again they would wax lyrical about the likely outcome of the UK referendum only to be left with egg on their faces. Failing to learn from this fatal error, they did it once more concerning the US presidential election. They are now having to eat humble pie now the unbelievable has happened, ‘president-elect Donald Trump’ is a term very few thought possible at the start of the election. But they have clearly been out of touch with the groundswell of public opinion that has been growing exponentially over the last decades.

Could it be a 100th monkey effect that we are seeing? The phenomenon in which a new behaviour or belief spreads rapidly across society from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behaviour or acknowledge the new belief.

The French will have their presidential elections in 2017, when Francois Fillon, the right-wing candidate, will take on Marine Le Pen, president of the far-right party the National Front, both of whom are passionately opposed to the European Union, and a victory for either candidate would be a direct threat to the very existence of the EU. And at this point a Marine Le Pen victory, however unlikely, should not be discounted.

The truth is, people are waking up and are creating a revolution, when well-worn establishment figures such as Hilary Clinton and the rest will no longer cut the mustard, and those with the ability to connect meaningfully with the public and acknowledge their concerns at grassroots level, as president-elect Donald Trump was able to do, are seeing success against all the odds.

Rest assured those with the ultimate power, the dark and mysterious figures, those behind the scenes with our fate in their hands, will not go quietly. As already opposition to Brexit in the UK remains strong, and certain politicians are doing their utmost to delay or even prevent it. They’ve had a rude awakening and this was not on their agenda, and will use any methods to bring order to proceedings, so be warned and watch this space.

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